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Dedicated to the study and management of the effects of stress on Epilepsy

Stress Management Intervention
 for Living with Epilepsy: SMILE
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Role that stress plays in Epilepsy
Stress Management Intervention for Living with Epilepsy (SMILE) is a groundbreaking study focused on determining understanding:
-  The relationship stress and seizures.
-  Whether a reduction in stress can 
   reduce seizure frequency.

The study, funded by the Charles L Shor Foundation for Epilepsy Research, is being
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conducted by researchers at the University of Cincinnati and Montefiore Medical Center. It combines an Integrative Medicine approach (treatment of the mind, body and soul) with seizure prediction methods including:
-  Stress reduction using non-medication, alternative treatment approach (focused 
   attention practices).
-  Smartphone monitoring of stress and other triggers 2-3 times per day. 

Eligibility to participate in the study includes:
-  Age 18 years and above, English speaking
-  Partial Epilepsy
-  Experiencing at least 2 seizures/month
-  Reported awareness of all seizures
-  Reported awareness of seizure warning signs or triggers, including stress  

There is an observational phase and a treatment phase.  

During the 8 week observational phase, subjects complete surveys twice daily via smart phone devices. Participants are asked to record the dates and times of all seizures, whether or not they took their medicine each day, how many hours of sleep they had each day, dates of menstruation (women only), their mood and stress level, and any illnesses that they have.

In the 12 week treatment phase, subjects are randomly assigned to one of two groups and trained in the technique to which they have been assigned. These behavioral interventions are practiced twice daily with an extra practice applied on days of higher risk. Subjects continue to keep the electronic diary while practicing the intervention.

Patients are compensated for participation in the study contingent upon diary compliance. Subjects receive $60 per month for diary maintenance during Phase 1 and $120 per month for diary maintenance and participation in the clinical trial during Phase 2.  

The SMILE study is currently recruiting participants. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.